This poem is a fun one and was submitted recently to Ilume Magazine, along with “A World’s Ledge” following its revision. Cross your fingers for me! Hopefully, they like what they see! The magazine alone has over 47,000 subscribers! So that would be a lot of eyes on my work, which is pretty cool. “Lost” I must […]

Sometimes you need to find a primer. Not just any primer but a specific one. This is a small post concerning the development and acquisition of a specific primer for a portion of the clathrin protein. Clathrin is a protein that plays a key role in the process of endocytosis. It’s main function being to coat the […]

As I have continued to grow, learn, and devote myself to the academic world and the development of my mind I have noticed that I have subtle growths in abilities outside of just biology and chemistry. Ever so slowly I have collected small but powerful nuggets of knowledge in the computer sciences, and it has drastically changed my […]

{CHM431 Section 002} Analysis of Photosynthetic Membranes & Energy Production in Plants Basis in Organelle Isolation, Photosynthesis Controls, and Membrane Energy Analysis with 2,4-Dinitrophenol Inhibitor   Abstract Photosynthesis is a vital chemical reaction for plants. The Hill reaction plays an important role in the overall scheme, transferring electrons, cleaving water, and consequently freeing oxygen. Effects of […]

{CHEM431.002} A Study on the Isolation & Analysis of Nucleic Acids Basis in Isolation, Ultraviolet Spectroscopy, Restriction Endonuclease Digestions, Ligations, Hyperchromic Effect, Florescence Spectroscopy, and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis   Abstract The quantitative analysis of nucleic acid samples can offer up insights into samples with unknown properties. In this brief study multiple techniques are utilized to isolate, quantify, and discern nucleic […]

{CHEM431.002} A Study on Proteins, Enzymes, & Catalytic Activity Basis in Column Chromatography, Enzyme Activity Assay, Protein Assay, Gel Filtration, and Enzyme Assay    Abstract Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and many fall into the category of enzymes which play critical roles in the biochemical reactions which keep us alive. Understanding enzymes, […]

Sometimes scouring the vastness of the internet can be a hassle. You don’t have time to sift through the millions of database and journal sources for your research paper, proposal, or summary. You already have 10^30 things you need to do. Well I went ahead and did some of that scouring for you. Hopefully these database driven search […]

Researchers, young students and parents who are homeschooling their kids may find these sites to be useful. Many of them are simplistic in design, but the science and genuine educational material listed in them can be very helpful in explaining multiple topics in the STEM fields. Some of these sites act as directories to millions […]

A very nicely written paper concerning the possibility of our universe as a multiverse, as well as a nice brief overview of multiverse theory and why it came to be following the introduction of string theory.   The Quantum Thought *This is a paper I wrote for my Writing 340 course with Dr. Ashley Karlin […]

[note: Figures are in the source article and not highlighted in this summary] This is a summary of work reported in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry concerning crystallin inorganic-organic frameworks and their properties. In the literature, is is obvious that crystalline open frameworks have many potential uses in the storage of gases, magnetism, and catalytic […]

[note: Figures are in the source article and not highlighted in this summary] This is a summary of work reported in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry concerning macrocyclic coordination chemistry in the periodic S group. In the literature concerning these molecules we see that large cyclic chelate-type ligands, termed macrocyclic ligands, are often useful in […]

  Below is a vast compilation of links to professional peer reviewed microbiology and virology journals. This page is provided as a quick way to direct you towards useful journals pertinent to your current and future research endeavors. New journal links will be added as they are discovered. These journals include reviews, original research, and reports describing viral and microbial genomes, […]