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rePercussion: Where black V-necks go to make loud noises.

Hey! In a post long overdue I want to give a shout out to a humorous and very talented group of artists I had the pleasure of actually meeting. rePercussion is a group of guys who like to bang on stuff, and their enthusiasm for drumming is unparalleled. Their shows are made up of extemporaneous dialogue, plenty […]

Research and the Scourge of Time Wasted

Good morning! So today my professor returned from his vacation and we were able to get together and discuss some of our recent issues building our iridium pincer catalyst. This spring I was able to synthesize a ligand for the iridium that was unable to be synthesized prior, and we would have been able to publish into […]

The 25 Most Anticipated Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2015

Originally posted on Geekritique:
2014 has been an exceptional year for sci-fi and fantasy literature. If you’ve missed my best of 2014 list, no worries. No reason to wax nostalgic. 2015 looks to be an excellent year for genre fiction. Although the three most anticipated books in the genre (Winds of Winter, Doors of Stone,…

“I Wear the Black Hat” by Chuck Klosterman – Book Review

Good Evening! Here is another book review for “I Wear the Black Hat” (IWBH), by Chuck Klosterman, published by Scribner. The Chuckster as I like to refer to him (I am sure he would hate it…but it fills me with a child-like joy) is a Best-Selling author and has written a plethora of works such as Sex, Drugs, […]

On Think Tanks – The Red (Team) Analysis Society

Good Morning! Today I had the pleasure to being mentioned in a tweet by The Red (Team) Analysis Society (RTAS), via the Director Helene Lavoix (@HLavoix). Having just started my blog and associated media company on 06/14/15, I was honored to have been noticed already by such a globally acknowledged organization. So in return, I’ve written a short […]

“Gravity” by George Gamow – Book Review

Welcome! This is a book review over “Gravity” by Dr. George Gamow. Dr. Gamow (pronounced  ɡaməf in russian) born Georgiy Antonovich Gamov, was a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He was born in the Russian Empire in 1904 and discovered alpha decay via quantum tunneling. During his career he worked on  multiple different areas of study, including the […]

“The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger – Book Review

Hey guys! Here is another book review, this one is over J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye“. A classic read which people still buy to this day, as 250,000 copies are still sold each year, with total book sales of approximately 65 million (wowza, #winning, #killingit). This novel was written in 1951 and was quite […]

The Planetary Society- A Crowdfunded Space Exploration Success

The Planetary Society made history on June 26th, 2015 raising $1.24 million dollars by using crowdfunding to privatize their LightSail project, and subsequently changing the way we think about space exploration. With media figurehead Bill Nye from your favorite kids show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” leading Tthe way as The Planetary Society’s CEO, and other […]

Evansville Tech-On-Tap

“Evansville Tech on Tap is focused on connecting the niches of the innovation ecosystem in Evansville. We welcome EVERYONE with an interest in starting or supporting innovation based companies.

In simplest terms, creating an Innovation Startup company requires only a Founder with an idea and a Funder with capital. In reality Innovation Startups succeed with a Founder, a Funder and a multitude of Facilitators playing supporting roles.

Innovation is accelerated by collaboration. Collaboration can only occur when people connect. Evansville Tech on Tap wants to connect innovators with those who can accelerate their innovation.

Ideators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors, Educators, Public and Private Economic Developers, Tech Lincensors, Tech Licensees, Technical Consultants, Business Consultants, Financial Consultants, Legal Consultants. ANYONE interested in nurturing Innovation and building the businesses of the future.

Join our group and be part of driving the innovation culture of Evansville. Membership is Free and you can un-register at any time.”

What the heck is a dinky? And can I catch it?

Originally posted on A Dinkys Life:
Have you ever found yourself married, both working, with no kids? I have.  I am currently a dinky, dual. income. no. kids. yet. What follows is how I look at life, what its like to be a dinky through my eyes. First things first, my name is Lindsey, been…

“Polaris” by Jack Mcdevitt – Book Review

Good Morning! The book review today is over Polaris, by Jack McDevitt, through ACE Publishing. Its a pretty quick read itself, at 370 pages, and I was able to finish in an afternoon. It is a unique sci-fi/mystery novel and it’s written in the first person. I don’t want to give out any spoilers but […]

THE Microphone to own, hands down.

Hey guys! So I finally received my microphone from Amazon! I am currently shooting videos for my YouTube Channel which will hopefully be helpful. You should definitely check them out once I get them up, especially if you are struggling with different science problems. So after receiving my microphone and giving it a try I could not be any happier with […]