IMG_20150316_024641<Hello World!>,

First off let me just say thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the internet.

I am a current undergraduate researcher at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) and I have done work in the biochemistry and inorganic labs there. My research projects focused on computational chemistry, capillary electrophoresis, development of Iridium pincer ligands, catalytic reaction mechanisms, and privately funded research in bio-remediation.

Since my youth I have developed my passion for both the sciences and educating others in STEM subjects. This little blog is a direct product of this growing passion and covers topics related to mostly biochemistry, academic research, craft beers, and my passion for reading. There has also been a growing collection of posts related to computer science.

As time has passed, and this site has grown, I have started developing this blog into a resource for the student population and aspiring graduate researchers. The collection of links, formats, journals, programs, and more are the culmination of hours worth of research and exploration into the murkiest reaches of the internet.

So whether I am working in the lab, traveling, or just finishing a good book or craft brew, you may hear about it here. As much as I hope you enjoy reading the posts, I would more prefer you find the resource I have gathered useful. If there is anything you would like to see let me know and as always if a link does not work shoot me a message so it can be remedied!


-The Scholar



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