Male Contraceptives – They’re coming

Birth Control.

It’s a phenomenal achievement, whether you are talking population control or personal freedom, we want to be able to indulge in our sexual desires without always adding another mouth to feed. Kid’s may be adorable, but with population on the rise and a rough economy, we may want to be in control of our family planning. Planning can make a huge difference in not only our lives as individuals, but our future children’s lives as well.

Though big pharma won’t touch it, multiple pharmaceutical companies have started trials through the FDA for male contraceptives, and many of them are not hormonal in nature. Some opinions tend towards male contraceptives making a large impact, once released, on accidental pregnancies. The dark side is that despite the availability of condoms and female contraceptives, we seem to still be failing in preventing unwanted pregnancies. With shows like “TeenMom” being a hit TV series, I amreluctant to jump on the hope train. Will we be responsible? Will this contraceptive be available enough? Cheap enough?

Time will tell…


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