Taking Screenshots on your computer


Every once in a while you may need to take a screenshot of something, maybe it’s an excerpt from a book or a certain image which you can’t just drag and drop from your browser. However, for others it can easily be a necessity. (bloggers, technical program users, trainers, teachers, etc)

I use some screenshots for various things and as far as my usage is concerned I really like Greenshot the most.

It’s free open source software that does what I want it to do with no whistles or bells. Which is exactly what I (and I am pretty sure everyone ever) want in a computer program.

Here are some example screenshots using the Greenshot software. If anyone has any other screenshot software feel free to comment and let me know your experiences!

This link will give you a direct download to Greenshot: Greenshot Download

(If you have trouble they may have updated versions and you can just go through the other links to download straight from the site. Watch out for tricky fake download banners though!)


One of the screenshots is actually of a FAQ on the greenshot site that you will probably be curious about after downloading, the other is a caviar suppliers site I started to learn my around different CMS platforms and get a feel for creating websites. It’s hosted off Square Space and has a plethora of links for any caviar lovers out there ;P You should check it out if you ever get a chance (I am still building and learning but let me know what you think!)! Plus if you buy any caviar from Beverly Hills Caviar I get a little of the proceeds which helps me keep my sites up and running =D

OK off topic,

Greenshot! It’s good and it’s free! super easy to use. USE IT, LOVE IT, LIVE IT.


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