“Polaris” by Jack Mcdevitt – Book Review

Good Morning!

The book review today is over Polaris, by Jack McDevitt, through ACE Publishing.

Its a pretty quick read itself, at 370 pages, and I was able to finish in an afternoon. It is a unique sci-fi/mystery novel and it’s written in the first person. I don’t want to give out any spoilers but the story itself involves a mysterious event which occurs following a once in a lifetime impact of a neutron star with another star and the resulting supernova. From there you follow Chase and her business associate, Alex, as they attempt to put the pieces together.

What I loved about it:

The plot was thrilling and honestly the scene changes were seamless. Crystal smooth and it really sucked me into the story. This is something that I really look for in a good book, and McDevitt definitely Delivers. The character development was good and I connected well with the protagonists and felt a healthy amount of worry when they were in precarious situations.

What I didn’t:

Some cons that irked me were that I felt like I knew what was going to happen early on, and this caused me to have to lower its overall score some. I’m not sure if McDevitt was perhaps too loose with his antagonist development or if I was just in tune with where the story was going but for me after the first hundred pages I had a good feeling about where it was headed. A blow to the otherwise solid character development. Maybe I expect too much from my protagonists, but thats just how I feel. (Do let me know if you feel the same way) Either way I dont like things to be straightforward.


I did enjoy the book and despite having an idea of where it was going there was enough mystery and intrigue to push me to keep reading, and in the end I was glad I picked it up. This was one of the first McDevitt books I’ve read and I will be sure to revisit his works at a later time. I honestly think you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy good science fiction, so I give it a happy 3 out of 5 stars.

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