Evansville Tech-On-Tap

Good Evening!

I was just invited to the Evansville Tech on Tap (ETOT) meet up by Casey McCoy and Lindsey McCoy, two phenomenal friends of mine who I have a great deal of respect for, and I couldn’t be more honored. This will be my first year attending ETOT, but from my understanding it is a niche connecting minor think tank which specializes in connecting different innovative interest groups with shared entrepreneurial spirits.

In essence, connecting Founders with Funders. Read the excerpt from their site below and if you have a great business idea ,or you just need to spruce up your local network, then come join the party!

Check out their site and Sign-up here.


“Evansville Tech on Tap is focused on connecting the niches of the innovation ecosystem in Evansville. We welcome EVERYONE with an interest in starting or supporting innovation based companies.

In simplest terms, creating an Innovation Startup company requires only a Founder with an idea and a Funder with capital. In reality Innovation Startups succeed with a Founder, a Funder and a multitude of Facilitators playing supporting roles.

Innovation is accelerated by collaboration. Collaboration can only occur when people connect. Evansville Tech on Tap wants to connect innovators with those who can accelerate their innovation.

Ideators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors, Educators, Public and Private Economic Developers, Tech Lincensors, Tech Licensees, Technical Consultants, Business Consultants, Financial Consultants, Legal Consultants. ANYONE interested in nurturing Innovation and building the businesses of the future.

Join our meetup.com group and be part of driving the innovation culture of Evansville. Membership is Free and you can un-register at any time.”


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