What the heck is a dinky? And can I catch it?

I guess I would be a “Sinke”? as in “Single income no kids ever?” Yeah I’ll go with that.

Be sure to check out this blog, it just started and is written by a good friend of mine Lindsey McCoy who I am sure you will love as you get to know her! All those Dinky’s and Sinky’s and Sinke’s out there be sure to comment and give her some feed back! I personally think it is a great idea and could be a very informative blog for dual income families!

A Dinkys Life

Have you ever found yourself married, both working, with no kids? I have.  I am currently a dinky, dual. income. no. kids. yet. What follows is how I look at life, what its like to be a dinky through my eyes.

First things first, my name is Lindsey, been married for almost 5 years, just turned 30 last month, have an adorable dog, got a house and my pupils are 2 different sizes all the time.  I mean you totally needed to know that last fact, it shows character.  People ask me almost every day when are you guys going to have a kid?  My answer:  I am not sure we are going to.  I then get the look of, really?!?!? and told we are missing out, but that’s not how we see it.

 If we like to admit it or not, we all grew up with the same concept…

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