“I Wear the Black Hat” by Chuck Klosterman – Book Review

Good Evening!

Here is another book review for “I Wear the Black Hat” (IWBH), by Chuck Klosterman, published by Scribner. The Chuckster as I like to refer to him (I am sure he would hate it…but it fills me with a child-like joy) is a Best-Selling author and has written a plethora of works such as Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story, and Eating the Dinosaur. His books are on the thinner side, this one at 225 pages, but I have found his narrative and voice refreshingly crisp and witty…so far! One false move though and I’ll drop the axe! I’ll do it! (As in a figurative axe of 1 out of 5 stars, not a real one…unless it was really sharp and he paid me.) Anywho, IWBH lays a beautiful pathway before us riddled with maggots and tells us it’s all butterflies. What is bad? what is good? The concept of villainy is explored within its soft papery confines and in the end I think you will be questioning yourself on your own morality.

What I loved:

I really enjoy his care free voice he has developed with his writing. I bought this book at a terminal in a Texan airport, and I am definitely 100% positive it kept me from believing the whole “everything is bigger in Texas” bologna they feed you when you touch down…which is good because no one likes Texas (actually I did really enjoy San Antonio a lot but these are secrets you keep to yourself…like you know…the “moped” joke. The one those horrible horrible men tell about their non-braggable sexual escapades?) Anyhow, yeah, Texas is like a really large moped. Chuck though? His plot line is like the Alaskan frontier…which is like a tank with fangs (at least when you try to create equivalent analogies concerning motorized vehicles). That beast is wild! Put it down!

I’m reminded of the scene from Jurassic World, where there are dinosaurs everywhere and your girlfriend just spilt her drink on you and all those kids are laughing at you, who is the villain then? The guy who makes them spill THEIR drinks, that’s who (I still can’t figure that out, I mean they had it coming).

This book is going to make you question yourself, your ideals, your quick jumps to conclusions about your nice neighbor who is just trying to get by like you, is exhausted due to his swing shift schedule, and therefore probably doesn’t even know his dog is crapping in your yard. (No go ahead, put it in the bag and get the matches, I’ll watch while I do the dishes, be sure to link it up on YouTube…)

What I didn’t:

I thought I was buying a book on how to become a villain, so honestly it was really disappointing.


After reading? I came to find I wear the black hat, and I give this a villainous 4.1 out of 5.


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