rePercussion: Where black V-necks go to make loud noises.

Repercussion and I [2015,USI]2

Black V-necks get you VIP access, always.


In a post long overdue I want to give a shout out to a humorous and very talented group of artists I had the pleasure of actually meeting. rePercussion is a group of guys who like to bang on stuff, and their enthusiasm for drumming is unparalleled. Their shows are made up of extemporaneous dialogue, plenty of audience interaction, random drum solos, and a healthy dosing of comedy.

Let me also add that they had free cookies and punch available. Yes, you definitely read that right.

Now that MAY have been how my friends were able to talk me out of my shell and into going, but after a handful of giant sugar cookies later I have no regrets. They gave a fantastic performance and their post show run through the USI fountain served to really seal the deal when it came to my feelings concerning this group. These guys are good peoples.

That, and they have great taste in fashion.

Check them out on Vimeo“>here. Whether free punch is available or not,  don’t miss out.


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