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Review: ‘Killing Yourself to Live” by Chuck Klosterman

Originally posted on bitter 20-something:
Death is an interesting reason to take a road trip. Rockstar deaths, to be precise. And that’s what Chuck Klosterman did with “Killing Yourself to Live.” He took a roadtrip across the United States visiting places where rockstars had died. His journey started at the Hotel Chelsea where Sid Vicious…

NMR’s and Dirty POCOPS

As an update to my research endeavors I built another batch of molecular ligands for the Iridium today.  I used varying temperatures as a test set for degradation since we were having problems with the Iridium not bonding.  After analysis via nuclear magnetic spectroscopy (NMR) I was able to deduce a good pincer structure, though some […]

“Diaspora” by Greg Egan – Book Review

Good Morning! The book review today is over Diaspora, by Greg Egan. Published by HarperPrism. I wont lie, Diaspora starts out with hard-core scientific jargon and keeps it up as it rushes through the cosmos right up to the finale. This book is a 277 page tough read, not because its bad, but because the terminology […]