Iron, Copper, Candle Man and the Purple People Eater (1)

I started this night out waking from a nightmare, a regular occurrence for me. I had only just gotten to sleep, an hour in total, when I awoke abruptly.

Whilst sleeping I was being chased by a purple skinned beast, shaded in the darkness of my mind. My family and friends laid out before me on clean white tile flooring, bloodied and in the process of being consumed by my predator’s brethren. He caught me and was pulling me towards his great maw, his teeth sinking into my leg, I was scrambling, crawling across the floor. Panic rushed forth, like a storm on a plain it churned over me, covering me in a deluge of doubt. My spirit did not evade me in my dreamland however, and I fought myself free.

It is amazing how, despite the whiteness of the pristine porcelain tiles, they somehow did not shine. I encounter this dullness and darkness often in nightmares. As if the mere presence of this portion of my subconscious takes with it any glimmer or shine that may fight to occupy my mind’s eye. It’s always darkness, everything covered by inky tendrils of blacks and deep greys. The sun never shines long…

The beast chased me and I ran up flights of stairs. I had a lab coat on, white and flapping about behind me. My leg was bloodied and my jeans ripped. I wore glasses, but while awake I have perfect vision. The meaning of this is lost to me. Was it really me there? One of my ego/personas? The mad scientist who spliced feral bob cats with guerillas and mixed in phototrophic pigment cells for color development. Because why not right? Or was this someone else? Maybe someone in the future or in a distant underground government facility? Either way…he wouldn’t survive.

During the chase the beast seemed to transform into an ethereal form, an amalgam, of death and despair. It seemed to ooze and hover over the ground as it caught up with me. (I rotate between first and 3rd person often in dreams. There is usually not a commitment to either one.) At the end it had reanealed into its former leathery skinned self, just before pouncing on me. I was helpless.

I was bored and couldn’t sleep afterwards and found an industrious website for home laboratories. It put me in the mood to create but I was feeling a bit artsy too so I set up my home bench top and began with some simple electrolysis to create some iron and copper oxides. I then used my centrifuge and some chemical magic to pull some of the red from some candle wax (it was rather weak but it worked)

**NOTE! safety wise make sure if you run electrolysis you place it outside for ventilation. Chlorine gas is a nasty by product and is quite lethal. No one wants to drown in their own liquids.**

I then painted a nice little Iron, Copper, Candle man using the oxides and pigment I made! Here is the finished product! Let me know what you think?



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