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On Reading Fast or Reading Slowly, Forgetting or Remembering

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Mulher lendo no banho by Peregrina Cultural on Flickr If you enjoy reading books, articles, websites, or encyclopedias, like I do, you are probably familiar with that quiet feeling of dread that takes possession of us from time to time, when we realize we can’t remember the title…

GoPro takes a ride into space.

A group of students used 3D printing technology to construct a custom chassis for a GoPro camera, and attached it to a weather balloon. They sent it off from the edge of the Grand Canyon. The weather balloon took it to the edge of space before bursting and sending it back down, still filming, to […]

Travel Log: South Korea – Seoraksan National Park

Next stop in my travels through South Korea is Seoraksan National Park. This area is a hiking enthusiast’s dream. A stretch of largely untouched land. It’s rolling mountains soar to such heights that one may think they could touch the sky. If you want to trade the concrete buildings, rush hour traffic, and the hustle and […]

Travel Log: South Korea – Hongdae

This post is part of new series documenting my travels around South Korea. All Asian cultures are unique in their own respect. They all have their own way of life, all of which is foreign and different to western civilization. South Korea is no different. For those of you who have been to Hongdae, South Korea, when […]