Non-Profit: The Panther Group

Hey everyone!


Check out The Panther Group. It supports local and national charitable organizations. They are currently building their site, but you can still donate or purchase a few cool items on RedBubble. Funds go to the charities mentioned on their website!

This is an excerpt off their page:

The Panther Group is a collection of unique men and women who wish to influence the world in a positive way. Currently our goals are locally based and are focused around supporting local scientific research and building a practice-based resource for personal finance education.

As we progress and bring on new members we hope to branch out from a locally funded non-profit into a globally funded international giving foundation. From here we will focus charitable funding towards medical research and environmental sustainment.

We are especially interested in: gene therapy, neuro-muscular interfaces, neurodegenerative diseases, and bio-remediation.

Note that our site is currently under construction. You can help by purchasing our products through RedBubble or donating and spreading the word!

Thank you!

Examples of items for sale.

Donate to The Panther Group:


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