Blinkist – An App to Occupy an Empty Mind

One day out of the blue, I became really upset with all the time I was spending looking at meaningless data on my phone.  What I’m talking about is perusing Instagram for a little and then trolling endless YouTube videos.  I caught myself in a cycle and finally had the courage to confront myself about it.  What were these mindless acts contributing to my life?  Although I might remember a face and a name from pictures I had seen, they hadn’t really done anything to improve myself.  I decided to do away with these acts of digression and try to find a more productive and mind challenging activity.  That is how I found one of my favorite apps of all time.  It is called Blinkist.

Blinkist is simple, they take nonfiction books and summarize the book’s key points to a 15 minute synopsis.  The nonfiction books they use are best sellers and nationally acclaimed books in all categories.  Just to name a few off their list: How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Flow.  Each of which I have read in entirety and they compare superbly to their Blinkist summaries.  The summaries are perfect to read if you’re waiting for an appointment or have some time you would like to devote to a quick read.  Here are a few screen shots of their operating app.

So how did this change my life.  I redirected misused attention that could allow my time to be spent thinking and challenging myself.  I find these short summaries to be beneficial to really gaining key points that the author might try to develope over an entire book, saving me time in the long run from reading the entire book.  The only drawback is it does cost money to use their app.  I pay $50.00 a year to read their summaries; which they are always adding more.  They also have a $75/yr plan if you want to add summaries to your kindle and have the ability to listen to audio versions of some summaries.  I can say it was a good investment because of the time it saved me from endless and worthless internet trolling.  Please check them out they have a free 3 day trial.  If you’re a booky, this a good app to peruse to find your next read.  I hope you will check them out!


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