scHunting is a favorite past time in many parts of America. SWITCHING CAMO, on top of saluting America’s finest, embodies that heritage. Their passion for the outdoors and the hunting experience, relative to the challenges one may face upon returning home, are founded in first hand experience.

As a new brand and TV show, we follow veterans and hunters: Joseph Johnson, Justin Melton, Kevin Long, and the rest of the staff on their woodland adventures as they trail their game, or await the perfect shot. Watch as the men and women who have fought bravely overseas, come home and trade their old camouflage in for something new.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

Why Do We Switch Camo?

For so many of our fighting men and women coming home from combat and fitting back into a normal lifestyle is a very challenging endeavor.

The Staff of Switching Camo know this struggle all too well. When we as professional soldiers come home, we try to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors like we did before we left. It’s not always that easy. For many, the wounds of combat, both mentally and physically, are very serious. However, we feel that when you have already been through so much, you must keep going.

Throughout this series we will show our personal struggles to keep doing what we love and try hard to ensure that we are able to pass on that passion to our children.

Watching our kids grow is not a luxury all our fighting men and women have. Sadly, many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. While more still continue to take their own lives everyday because of the scars that are left by combat. It is for those men and women, whom we call family, that we dedicate this show.

“Till you count us all into the gates of heaven, rest in peace brother, for your battle is over.”

Support their brand, and support our soldiers. You can visit their website here.


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