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8Tracks & Happy holidays! [updated]

Ah! ‘Tis the season. This is our first winter here at Beakers, Beers, and Books, and I just want to say thanks to all our subscribers and followers. Whether you are a regular reader or are just stopping in I figure you are getting ready for Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Festivus/ whatever (and you may also be hating that […]

Catalytic Segregation of Graphene Using Silver Nanoparticles

INTRODUCTION The field of graphene research is quickly developing due to graphene’s unique physical, electrical and thermal properties. [1] Its performance in the lab has garnered it a lot of attention from the scientific community. Therefore, having the ability to cut graphene sheets precisely became an important goal in developing the correct shapes needed for […]

STARCRAFT: Protoss Physics

INTRODUCTION So, Christmas break is here and I need to master physics. Whether we are talking basic physics, advanced physics, or calculus-based physics you name it…I need it. Sometimes though, I just don’t want to sit and do calculations all day. Not when they concern random pulley systems and boring buoyant blocks. I needed to apply […]