8Tracks & Happy holidays! [updated]


Ah! ‘Tis the season. This is our first winter here at Beakers, Beers, and Books, and I just want to say thanks to all our subscribers and followers. Whether you are a regular reader or are just stopping in I figure you are getting ready for Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Festivus/ whatever (and you may also be hating that holiday traffic). SO, why not sit back and listen to some the the greatest Xmas tunes out there.

Songza has always been one of my favorite apps, and even after being acquired by Google, they have continued to be a venue where I can seek out new music and well developed playlists for multiple occasions without overbearing ads destroying the atmosphere of the occasion. For that I thank them and welcome their new (not that new really, *cough* 2014) Google overlords.

If you haven’t heard of Songza then be sure to check out their website. Their Christmas hit playlists are playing throughout my home almost constantly during the holiday seasons (I have a thing for Christmas…yes…I am one of those people) and their compilations are fantastic.

SONGZA IS NO MORE, Google closed down the site and the UI for Google Music is terrible. Comparison of music listening apps, shown below using appcrawlr’s ratings shows the best viable option now is 8tracks.com. Sadly, you will need to log in, but the music is free and so far I have not heard any ads. The UI is much better as well so hopefully this will aid you in  your listening endeavors.


appcrawlr ratings 

Now that that is out of the way…

While listening to your christmas jams, take some time to stare into Nick Offerman’s eyes while enjoying the building tension of a yule log and some Lagavulin™ Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It will remind you of every meaningful conversation you have ever had with your father.

Merry Christmas and be sure to keep warm!


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