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Free Chemistry Software & Resources

Chemistry software & other resources The following links provide free for use , often open source, chemistry modeling programs. These are great for STEM students of all ages. I use many of these myself in the lab. As a scientist it can be tough finding your way around the internet, especially finding what you want. Someone […]

Too Viral for You

Rhinovirus Below is a 3D rendering of a Human Rhinovirus (C-15) , one of the ~100 rhinovirus types which occur worldwide. These viruses are responsible for what is commonly referred to as the common cold. The symptoms are wide and cover a variety of systems from sore throat, runny nose, and nasal congestion, to sneezing and coughing. […]

How regular people can help shape science —

Not a scientist? As David Lang shows, you can still play a meaningful role in solving science’s hardest problems. It’s hard to find a silver lining in the water crisis of Flint, Michigan. The striking images of jugs of brown water being held high in protest are a symbol of institutional failure on a grand […]

A link repository for free books & literature

Good Morning! This post will act as a link repository, connecting you the reader to sites which may have a free version of the book or literature you are looking for. I have also added a small description of each site where it is warranted. Most sites are legal and in good standing with the current justice system […]

What differentiates a Photographer from an Artist?

More and more photography has become a favorite past-time for the growing masses. What with the inclusion of fine tuned cameras on nearly every mobile device, the selfie craze, and the success that is Instagram, this has become an obvious observation. I often wonder how devoted professionals in the field feel about this rush of content (and by […]