Anti-Viral Drug Resources


Below are some resources I have collected which pertain to current and ongoing anti-viral research. This field has been under the limelight of late due to the ever more concerning Zika virus outbreak as it continues to spread farther north of the equator and into U.S. states. With the Zika virus slowly making its way unimpeded biotech company stock has went through the roof in hopes of funding a vaccine whilst President Obama has called for an increase in Zika research endeavors.

Luckily, virology and medical research has come a long way and we have a chance at beating not only the Zika virus, but many more as well. In 2011, MIT researchers at the Lincoln Lab were already creating novel broad spectrum treatments for multiple virus types. The team did this by creating a drug which could identify and destroy virus infected cells, which would terminate the infection in the body. This was tested, and found effected, against 15 different viruses including: rhinoviruses, H1N1 influenza, polio, dengue fever, and several other viruses responsible for hemorrhagic fevers (VHF).

That was in 2011… it’s 2016 now. Last I checked that’s half a decade worth of advancement. Now we are seeing the development of specialized drugs to attach and render inert specific proteins on viral coatings, specialized drug delivery systems, and a booming stem cell research sector with all the bells and whistles.

Anti-viral drug resources

  1. Antiviral factors and viral contaminants in human milk – All known possible antimicrobial and microbial contaminants in human milk are maintained and updated on this site in seven Tables. See Table 2 and 4 for antiviral factors and viral contaminates
  2. Antiviral Agents Bulletin – Published by the Biotechnology Information Institute
  3. Antiviral Drug Resistance Online – An electronic version of International Antiviral Press.
  4. Gresval Labs – Research and development of specific antivirals active against encapsulated viruses (such as HIV, SHV,and influanza) based on a new concept of blocking the binding of the virus to the host membrane.
  5. Institute for Antiviral Research – An anti-viral program hosted at Utah State University. Included are listings of each drug used as well as a breakdown of employees.
  6. Antiviral Drugs for Influenza Type A – an informative portal via the CDC.
  7. National Cancer Institute’s HIV Drug Resistance Program (DRP) – A world renowned center for retrovirology research. This center is a highly collaborative environment dedicated purely to research.
  8. SciTechnol: Journal of Virology & Antiviral research – A free open access peer reviewed online journal concerning virology and anti-viral research.

Other resources which may be informative:

The above is by no means everything, but hopefully it can provide you with some helpful sources. If you are a lab, organization, or individual which wishes to promote themselves and help keep the public informed of ongoing research please message me here.

As always, leave me a comment if any of the links are dead!


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