Scientific Journal Publishers



The list below provides links to the majority of big name publishers in the scientific literature genre. These publishers are responsible for holding and distributing many of the most influential scientific journals available to academics and scholars. Here is a collection of journals dealing with just microbiology and virology. Two of many fields which each have an overwhelming amount of content to keep track of.

Scientific Journal Publishing Houses

It should be noted that in today’s society almost anyone can start a journal or publishing company. As the “publish or perish” mindset is still very much alive in the STEM fields, predatory and poorly reviewed publishing services charging young and/or unknowing scientists for their hard work have popped up at an alarming rate. This link goes to a list of open access journals which have been deemed questionable by the scientific community.

The amount of true information in the world is already overwhelming without introducing poorly executed, and sometimes maliciously fraudulent, articles into the mix. This is why it is more important then ever to check ones sources and citations. We must be vigilant, scientists and non-scientists alike, or we may end up spending millions on misinformed research, or yet worse losing our personal credibility.

The above is by no means everything, but hopefully it can provide you with some helpful sources. As always, leave me a comment if any of the links are dead! With so much content, I could easily miss something, so your help is much appreciated.

Also if you know of any additional well renowned publishers, or if any of the above become a bit shady, let me know what I’ve missed and shoot me a link!




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