String Theory and the Multiverse-Do we share our universe?

A very nicely written paper concerning the possibility of our universe as a multiverse, as well as a nice brief overview of multiverse theory and why it came to be following the introduction of string theory.


The Quantum Thought

*This is a paper I wrote for my Writing 340 course with Dr. Ashley Karlin at USC. It aims to summarize how seriously the concept of a multiverse should be taken, based off of theoretical, mathematical, and experimental evidence. In a time when humanity is coming to garner vast amounts of often surprising information, it’s important to know how to rationally come to turns with new knowledge that challenges the way we think of nature. We should not be scared to reassess our convictions; bold open-mindedness may well be a foundational quality for groundbreaking scientific discoveries or paradigm shifts. 

Some assumptions in science seem to integrate so harmoniously with our existence that we rarely question their validity. It is particularly challenging to think of truths, for example, that contradict the presence of three spatial dimensions, the unidirectional flow of time, or the law of conservation of matter. Daily experience underlies these conclusions while scientific experiments faithfully…

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  1. Thank you for sharing my post! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It seems to nicely fit in with the informative and entertaining science discussions of your site!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment!
      I couldn’t help but share a well written post! I’ve always had a fondness for astronomy and theoretical cosmology. I struggle with the physics sometimes, but I feel like that’s common. 😀

      Glad you liked my site!

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