Useful Science Web Directories for all Ages


Researchers, young students and parents who are homeschooling their kids may find these sites to be useful. Many of them are simplistic in design, but the science and genuine educational material listed in them can be very helpful in explaining multiple topics in the STEM fields.

Some of these sites act as directories to millions of science articles and institutions, making them very useful for writing papers and finding citations as well.

Science Web Directories

  1. SciSeek Directory – Looks a lot like a search engine with a friendly UI.
  2. Web-Directories – Has a very large selections of listed sites for multiple science subjects. Also acts as a directory to other topics across the web as well.
  3. DirectoryScience
  4. Best of the Web
  5. 101Science – Some links might not work but most do. Worth the exploration.
  6. EFG’s Reference Library – A variety of scientific resources for color, algorithms, mathematics, physical science, and engineering. Check out the Computer Lab.
  7. Eric Weisstein’s World of Science – Mostly concerns astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.
  8. Hypography – Contains science news, forums, books, quizzes, and links.
  9. Labfinder – Searchable listing of testing and calibration labs.
  10. Norwegian Research Database – A database featuring science projects, research institutions, and researchers.
  11. SciBoard – This site provides educational resources in mathematics, physics, and biology from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Louisville.
  12. ScieCentral
  13. Science Books Online – Offers a directory of free books and articles
  14. The Science Page – Categorized topical directory of science related resources.
  15. – Science information provided by U.S. Government agencies including research and development results. Enables users to search 47 million pages in real time.
  16. Special Topics – Contains citation analyses and commentary for scientific research areas that have experienced recent advances or are of special current interest.
  17. Strategian – Features links and resources for biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology information.
  18. The Virtual Library of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – This is a directory of resources for chemical engineering, microscopy, mathematics, and science fairs.


The above is by no means everything, but hopefully if you are studying in the STEM fields it can provide you with some helpful sources. As always, leave me a comment if you find any sites that belong here and especially if any of the links are dead!

Remember unless science is accessible to all, it cannot be as beneficial for all.





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  1. […] players on the field. Other reliable sources of information are found in large web directories which allow you to browse among dozens or hundreds of sites devoted to the same subject. The […]


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