Poet’s Corner: Lost

This poem is a fun one and was submitted recently to Ilume Magazine, along with “A World’s Ledge” following its revision. Cross your fingers for me! Hopefully, they like what they see! The magazine alone has over 47,000 subscribers! So that would be a lot of eyes on my work, which is pretty cool.


I must say
There was a day
I became lost
Within the woods

You see young chap
I fell astray
I had no compass
to point the way

I was set adrift
Amidst the green
Wandering through
That ivy screen

It’s then I met
A friend so dear
A garter snake
Who slithered near

“hello, my friend…”
He slithered by
“Bessst you not
Get losssst and die!”

“Whoa is me!”
I cried outright,
“I’m lost you see,
It’s quite a fright!”

“Oh! Sssssorry,
Thatssss quite a plight!
Perhapsss I could
Point you right?”

So with his help
I found my way
And that is why
to this day

I tip my hat
at snakes and say
“Thanksss ssso much
Care to ssstay?”

For in the end
When you’re amiss
Just listen for
That friendly hiss

And soon you’ll be
back home in bliss
With not a worry
from your miss

-Brandon R. Reed

Thanks for reading, and as always I am always open to critiques 😀


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