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Need to Access a Whole Website Offline?

As I have continued to grow, learn, and devote myself to the academic world and the development of my mind I have noticed that I have subtle growths in abilities outside of just biology and chemistry. Ever so slowly I have collected small but powerful nuggets of knowledge in the computer sciences, and it has drastically changed my […]

Spin up is 1, Spin down is 0: Manipulating a Single Electron

Nature Physics just published an article on the ‘Strong mechanical driving of a single electron spin’ which deals with the manipulation of a single electron. Computers need to be able to store the values with which they are computing, and quantum computing involves using the spin states of an electron to measure the corresponding 1’s […]

Beginner C/C++ Coding. Installation of Code::Blocks, MinGW, and Your First Loop

Hey everybody, I wanted to put together a quick but in depth post on setting up your computer (this will be geared towards a Windows 8 OS) so that you can learn to do basic coding. I know that I ran into a tad bit of trouble while installing the MinGW C/C++ Compiler. Hopefully this can act […]

THE Microphone to own, hands down.

Hey guys! So I finally received my microphone from Amazon! I am currently shooting videos for my YouTube Channel which will hopefully be helpful. You should definitely check them out once I get them up, especially if you are struggling with different science problems. So after receiving my microphone and giving it a try I could not be any happier with […]

Taking Screenshots on your computer

GOOD MORNING! Every once in a while you may need to take a screenshot of something, maybe it’s an excerpt from a book or a certain image which you can’t just drag and drop from your browser. However, for others it can easily be a necessity. (bloggers, technical program users, trainers, teachers, etc) I use […]