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What differentiates a Photographer from an Artist?

More and more photography has become a favorite past-time for the growing masses. What with the inclusion of fine tuned cameras on nearly every mobile device, the selfie craze, and the success that is Instagram, this has become an obvious observation. I often wonder how devoted professionals in the field feel about this rush of content (and by […]

Sticking to the Fundamentals

As a young man in the digital world it has been extremely difficult to gain any insight from the boundless amounts of advice for men from most media outlets.  These outlets offer trending advice that might seem advantageous, but in the end they only hurt you. This advice, such as what to wear and how to talk, really relies […]

POET’s CORNER: At the World’s Ledge

I submitted this poem to the Poetry Foundation, but sadly it was not accepted. I would gladly accept any critiques. “A World’s Ledge” Breaking fast against the shore, I sat astride my broken boat. Looking out from stern to fore, I saw her smile and rippling coat. Jagged edges backed her dawn, As sun and […]

On Reading Fast or Reading Slowly, Forgetting or Remembering

Originally posted on boy with a hat:
Mulher lendo no banho by Peregrina Cultural on Flickr If you enjoy reading books, articles, websites, or encyclopedias, like I do, you are probably familiar with that quiet feeling of dread that takes possession of us from time to time, when we realize we can’t remember the title…

How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Erin Kelly Understand that life is not a straight line. Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age. It’s…

A Little Meaning for Your Life

We lead ourselves through daily routines. Each day we get up, we run a couple miles, we take our shower, shave, make our coffee. We journey out of our home towards our work place, to grind away beneath a massive umbrella of overseers. We toil away our minutes, our hours, our days, our weeks, our […]

The Elephant Movie – the sound of it

Originally posted on Mark Deeble:
? Sound. We don’t pay enough attention to it. We all have our favourite evocative smells – lemon verbena, petrichor, Atlantic cliff gorse on a summer afternoon… I think I can identify at least half a dozen Cornish sea fish by their smell alone. But favourite sounds? That takes more…

Iron, Copper, Candle Man and the Purple People Eater

I started this night out waking from a nightmare, a regular occurrence for me. I had only just gotten to sleep, an hour in total, when I awoke abruptly. Whilst sleeping I was being chased by a purple skinned beast, shaded in the darkness of my mind. My family and friends laid out before me on […]

rePercussion: Where black V-necks go to make loud noises.

Hey! In a post long overdue I want to give a shout out to a humorous and very talented group of artists I had the pleasure of actually meeting. rePercussion is a group of guys who like to bang on stuff, and their enthusiasm for drumming is unparalleled. Their shows are made up of extemporaneous dialogue, plenty […]

Evansville Tech-On-Tap

“Evansville Tech on Tap is focused on connecting the niches of the innovation ecosystem in Evansville. We welcome EVERYONE with an interest in starting or supporting innovation based companies.

In simplest terms, creating an Innovation Startup company requires only a Founder with an idea and a Funder with capital. In reality Innovation Startups succeed with a Founder, a Funder and a multitude of Facilitators playing supporting roles.

Innovation is accelerated by collaboration. Collaboration can only occur when people connect. Evansville Tech on Tap wants to connect innovators with those who can accelerate their innovation.

Ideators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors, Educators, Public and Private Economic Developers, Tech Lincensors, Tech Licensees, Technical Consultants, Business Consultants, Financial Consultants, Legal Consultants. ANYONE interested in nurturing Innovation and building the businesses of the future.

Join our group and be part of driving the innovation culture of Evansville. Membership is Free and you can un-register at any time.”

The Beer Gardens

Well It’s Saturday. Since It’s raining Rumble, Elyse, and myself decided an Otter’s game at historic Bosse Field was out of the question. However, some quality time with family and friends at Elyse’s (her Blog: MyCherryToppedLife) church “summer social” sounded like an acceptable compromise. Especially since they had a beer garden. Despite the rain though there was a […]

One of the best RPG’s of all time.

Tired of dungeon raiding in Skyrim? Wondering to yourself, “Why am I wasting my time running around looking for stuff and doing nothing? When I could literally be outside living real life doing the same thing?” When I am in the mood to play a game I want a GAME, not a mindless waste of […]