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Need to Access a Whole Website Offline?

As I have continued to grow, learn, and devote myself to the academic world and the development of my mind I have noticed that I have subtle growths in abilities outside of just biology and chemistry. Ever so slowly I have collected small but powerful nuggets of knowledge in the computer sciences, and it has drastically changed my […]

STEM Specific Search Engines, MetaCrawlers & More

Sometimes scouring the vastness of the internet can be a hassle. You don’t have time to sift through the millions of database and journal sources for your research paper, proposal, or summary. You already have 10^30 things you need to do. Well I went ahead and did some of that scouring for you. Hopefully these database driven search […]

Useful Science Web Directories for all Ages

Researchers, young students and parents who are homeschooling their kids may find these sites to be useful. Many of them are simplistic in design, but the science and genuine educational material listed in them can be very helpful in explaining multiple topics in the STEM fields. Some of these sites act as directories to millions […]

Microbiology and Virology Journals

  Below is a vast compilation of links to professional peer reviewed microbiology and virology journals. This page is provided as a quick way to direct you towards useful journals pertinent to your current and future research endeavors. New journal links will be added as they are discovered. These journals include reviews, original research, and reports describing viral and microbial genomes, […]

Scientific Journal Publishers

  The list below provides links to the majority of big name publishers in the scientific literature genre. These publishers are responsible for holding and distributing many of the most influential scientific journals available to academics and scholars. Here is a collection of journals dealing with just microbiology and virology. Two of many fields which each have […]

Anti-Viral Drug Resources

Below are some resources I have collected which pertain to current and ongoing anti-viral research. This field has been under the limelight of late due to the ever more concerning Zika virus outbreak as it continues to spread farther north of the equator and into U.S. states. With the Zika virus slowly making its way […]

Free Chemistry Software & Resources

Chemistry software & other resources The following links provide free for use , often open source, chemistry modeling programs. These are great for STEM students of all ages. I use many of these myself in the lab. As a scientist it can be tough finding your way around the internet, especially finding what you want. Someone […]

A link repository for free books & literature

Good Morning! This post will act as a link repository, connecting you the reader to sites which may have a free version of the book or literature you are looking for. I have also added a small description of each site where it is warranted. Most sites are legal and in good standing with the current justice system […]